Promoting a brand or your company’s product does not always have to be an expensive move. With the help of low cost promotional items, your company and brand can still stand out without a need to shell out more money as you would spend in case of TV or radio ads. However, with the availability of so many promotional products in the market today, selecting the right item to gift to your customers can be a difficult task. Consider these tips if you are planning to give away free gifts to increase your brand’s visibility.

Determine your target market

The most important thing you should consider is to know or determine the people or customers you wish to target for promotional activities. In fact most companies make mistake in understanding their target market. Many companies tend to lose track of their target customers or tend to reach outside their existing market. In this process, their promotional products become useless.

Once you understand who your target people are, you will have a better idea about the promotional items that you can use or gift away to grab the attention of customers. You will have better idea of what type of items they will find useful. You have to keep in mind that there are so many marketing products available in the market, but not all of them will cater to the needs of your target audience.

Choose Quality over Quantity

The rule of thumb when determining a promotional item is to opt for quality over quantity. Some companies however make the mistake of selecting quantity over quality hoping it will help company reach more people. However, this, in turn, can easily ruin your marketing campaign as poor quality products easily get damaged or broken. This can endanger your advertisement campaign to last only for a short period of time. Giving away cheap products as gifts might save you lots of money initially, however, in time people will start associating your company with cheap promotional items. This can hamper your brand image very badly in the long term. And you will have to spend money for another campaign again.

Useful Promotional Products

Select the promotional products that your target market can use. Most companies make the mistake of using any product for promotional activities. They do not consider the target market. The end result of this is your gifts are forgotten, kept inside the drawer and in worst case, thrown away.


Your budget plays important role in your entire marketing campaign. If you are running on a tight budget, select the items that are affordable and do not put pressure on your finances.