Color business cards today are getting bolder and better. Today, many innovative and creative business persons print business cards with flair and originality.

If you want your own personal cards to shine, you might be interested to know of a few things you never knew you could do. We have listed down below a few powerful elements that some professionals use today.

An advertising message – If you were selling a product or a service, a good addition to the design would be placing an advertising message. Some people do not expect this, and it can be an effective at getting you some extra sales and interests.

This can easily be setup by simply printing your advertising message (with full color image of course) on the back. You can give your card backside first for them to see your advertising message, and then have them contact you by just viewing the front contact information. A simple addition can get you some great opportunities.

An extra fold – If you need to put in more content, such as advertising messages, slogans or even a small catalog listing, you might want to invest in an extra fold. There are folded designs out there that actually have business card configurations with a fold. This doubles the area of the business card layout, helping people add all the extra information that they want. This of course will make your business card thicker, but if the extra information must get through, this is the best way to do it.

Scents and fragrances – Like greeting cards and business stationeries, you can also have cards with scents and fragrances. Specialized printing companies can offer this service and many businesses have tried it out.

The basic concept is that the sense of smell is directly connected to your memories. By using a unique scent in a business card, you can get your information more embedded in people’s memories with that fragrance. It is a great concept to try out, as some people have used in and had some success.

Special Textures – Another great thing that printing companies can offer you are special textures. There is more to paper than just the standard card paper. There are glossy papers, canvass textured paper, and other sorts of foreign type paper that makes the business card look quite different and even expensive. Of course, remember that these textures do not come cheap. Therefore, if you plan on trying to be unique and using special textured paper, you had better be ready with some money to book.

Holograms – Finally, we have holograms. These are those special holograms that provide a 3D feel from a 2D design. You can see these typical design features in some credit cards and security Ids. Whatever the case, holograms are a great new thing to include since it really stands out. Usually people put in the company logo as the holographic element to make the company look extra cool. Of course, this will not come cheap so be ready to spend on this feature. However, it is well worth it with the reactions you will get from it.

These great additions should really make your business card into something new and interesting. You should at least try it out in one batch of business card printing.