Meaning of Red in Business

Red is a physical color which calls for action to be taken.  Its high energy and strength draws attention to itself and demands to be noticed.

Meaning of Orange in Business

Orange is a color of adventure which inspires and creates enthusiasm. It is optimistic and sociable and suggests affordability.

Meaning of Yellow in Business

Yellow is an illuminating and uplifting color which stimulates our analytical processes and assists with mental clarity.

Meaning of Green in Business

Green is associated with nature, health and healing. It balances the emotions and inspires compassion.

Meaning of Turquoise in Business

Turquoise balances and recharges the emotions and inspires good communication skills and self-expression.

Meaning of Blue in Business

Blue is the safest color to use in most applications, implying honesty, trust and dependability.

Meaning of Indigo in Business

Indigo is a powerful and strong color which conveys integrity and sincerity. It is associated with structure and rituals.

Meaning of Purple in Business

Purple implies wealth, quality, fantasy and creativity. It works well with many other colors.

Meaning of Magenta in Business

Magenta is a practical yet spiritual color. Compassionate and kind, it encourages a balanced outlook based on common sense.

Meaning of Pink in Business

Pink inspires compassion and nurturing. It is a non-threatening color used most often in feminine businesses.

Meaning of Gold in Business

Gold is associated with value, luxury and prestige. It reflects wisdom, beauty and generosity.

Meaning of Silver in Business

Silver is a modern sophisticated color, calming yet uplifting, with a degree of mystery about it.

Meaning of Black in Business

Black is the color of power and authority and in excess it can be intimidating and unfriendly.

Meaning of White in Business

White is a blank canvas waiting for creative stimulation. It implies efficiency and simplicity, fairness and order.

Meaning of Gray in Business

Gray is neutral and conservative but does imply security and reliability. It creates a great background for other colors.

Meaning of Brown in Business

Brown is a strong, reassuring color that is comforting and reliable. It relates well to businesses that promote down-to-earth and outdoor products and activities.