Signs have been an integral part of our communication since the earliest days of life evolution. In the Stone Ages it was signs and figures that were used to send signals across masses. The sign industry evolved with the evolving life history. Signs were used as means to interact with those of unfamiliar language and culture. Signs have much simpler and unambiguous communication patterns than words. Logo designs are the modern products of this sign industry that help the organization to mark their presence differently from other market leaders.

Greeks laid the Foundation: The signs used for sending signals like war and peace soon made their way to a higher level where they were used to distinguish the coins of one country from the other and the Greeks or Romans were the one to start with it.

Transition of Symbols into Logo Designs: With the expanding number of nations on the surface of earth and proliferation of languages and cultures. These signs and symbols became the necessity of nations in order to maintain their individuality but with a broader horizon that stretched from simple color or alphabet to particularly defined trademarks. Numerous inventions and techniques have contributed to the contemporary logo design, including coins, trans-cultural diffusion of logographic languages, silver hallmarks and the development of printing technology.

Present Age Logo designs: With the industrial revolution and diversification of business entities in the market, the trends of logo designs changed tremendously and shaped up into a fully developed industry. An enormous number of online applications, need for identity development and various marketing tools and forums contributed to the evolution of this industry. Modern logo designs are much more than just having a graphical image of your organization.

In the present era, there are numerous organizations or products/services of different organizations that are similar in nature therefore, in order to get your organization recognized by the customer and to cast a different and unique image among the competitors, an enviable logo design for an organization is must. As it is said that Actions speak louder than Words and since logo design is also a visual tool like an action therefore it has a much wider and stronger impact on the target customers.

The journey from a simple symbol till today has attached an enormous importance for the incorporation of a logo design into ones business strategy. An unimpeachable quality logo design serves as a powerful marketing tool that helps your organization to tie a firm knot with your clients/ customers. Thus, helps to increase your sales.