Life Simplicated - Business Cards

A business card is a great tool to help market your services. It’s more than just a placeholder for your phone number and company name. It’s a way to make it easier for potential clients to find your business, refer you to others, to remember you, and to recall what you do.

Be Clear: Let them know what your company does. If it’s not clear from the company name, include a tag line underneath to show how your company can help them.

Include a Tag Line Under Your Logo: A tagline is an opportunity to point benefits to working with your company. Don’t list your services. They can gathers this information from your website. List what you can do for clients (Lowest prices, Fastest Turnaround, Highest Quality!)

Use Both Sides: Double your real estate on the card by printing on the back. It costs a little more but it’s a greater chance you’ll be remembered. People like to flip to the back of the card anyways. It is a great location to list more service qualities, list testimonials, or list your company’s mission statement.

Consider a Folding Card: You can have business cards made up that will fold open giving you an instant brochure. This is a great option if you’re needing a bit more space. You’ll be able to provide more information that will list all the advantages your business provides.

Be Imaginative: Consider fun colors and interesting shapes. It doesn’t have to be a black and white card, but using the appropriate colors is key. Color can also help you stand out when the potential client is digging through her purse, looking for your card.

Easy to Read, Easy to See: Your contact information should not be small or be hidden. Also think of your audience they may not be able to see a smaller typeface. It should stand out and be easy to find. Include everything you can: phone, email, website, and cell phone.

Branding: Make sure your business card has the same logo, colors, design, and font that you use on your website, and on other existing promotional material. A consistent look and feel will keep your your company memorable not to mention giving your card that professional touch.

Keep It Handy: Always have cards out, ready to go, if anyone asks. Keep them in your purse, briefcase, office, car etc. It lets them know you’re professional and organized. And it’s much better than writing out your company name on a cocktail napkin or not having your card on hand at all.