Competitive advantage

Your brand is the public face of your business. As the economy changes your brand must change with it. A well planned  rebrand will allow your company to display the current market dynamics and therefore gain competitive advantage, increase revenue and become a strong voice of the industry. Get ahead of the competition and increase your market share through an updated image. By revisiting your brand messaging, you can gain consumer confidence .

Stimulate growth

In markets where complex and confusing mixes of product portfolios frequently undermine brand impact via advertising clutter and media proliferation, a rebrand can combat incongruence and audience fragmentation to regain customer impact and promote growth. As the company continues to grow, subsequent rebranding will ensure that customers hungry for change will keep coming back to see “what’s new.”  In this sense, the rebrand becomes a public expression of the company’s evolution and a constant check to potential outgrowth.

Long term market expansion

When a small business prospers and expands products frequently require a rebrand or revitalization to reflect the larger, more sophisticated business it has become. Any emergent company not employing this essential business strategy will inevitably be outdone by its competition. The modest brand offerings typical of the small company and its contingent budget restrictions will ultimately prove inadequate as that company grows and evolves.

Whatever your reason for rebranding—be it economic and operational expansion, technological innovation, or any other type of growth and/or change—your company’s brand must remain consistent with the latest and greatest your business has to offer. Whether reflecting advancements in your product and/or service lines or the evolving nature of your business in and of itself, the process of rebranding is essential to communicate your level of quality to your audience of consumers. Furthermore, although taking the step to rebrand your business will, first and foremost, revitalize your consumer base, the change can also have quite a rejuvenating effect upon the internal culture of your company.  As your brand evolves to reflect new innovations in a constantly changing marketplace, your employees will inevitably be swept up in the momentum. Launching a rebrand will call for new levels of worker support, knowledge and feedback, as well as affording them the opportunity to join in the creation of a new, positive business culture. In this way, the process of rebranding not only brings the public face of your company in step with its internal machinations, but also, in turn, actively engages your management team and workforce to contribute to the new business culture that your new brand represents.

The business rebrand is about a great deal more than making your business look good. It’s about making your bottom line look good, too. So what is it that makes a company rebrand such a valuable proposition for your business? Please share your thoughts and comments.