We meet several people in a day. Not every one of them gets stored in our memory. We even tend to forget many of our good acquaintances but there are certain faces and certain characters who, somehow manage to find a place in our memory due to their uniqueness. We can’t help this process. Similarly, while passing through a road side during a day, we come across hundreds of images and texts in the form of advertisements, logos and captions.

We don’t remember all of them. Only some stay in our minds and since we don’t force ourselves to memorize those images and words, the process occur on its own therefore there must be some phenomenon working behind it. Well, its human nature that anything which appeals us and easily relates to any of our instinctive behavior, it gets stored in our memory speedily because it is just another version of a thing which is already present in our memory, may be a much better version of it.

The whole theory holds true for the logo design of an organization or a brand. How many seconds do you spend or intend to spend on staring at a billboard or any of the advertisement material? And what part of it is spent in looking at its logo design? Just about two to three seconds or most of the time just fraction of a second is the duration that is devoted to perform this task. If such a minute period of time what is it about the logo that stays in your mind? As explained earlier, the eye catching look, uniqueness and relating to your target customers are the essential tools that can make a logo design work your way.

Logo design of an organization is its identity. It is the first thing that gets noticed and builds up the image of your business in the minds of your customers and competitors. Logo design is not just about having any kind of image or captions or graphical illustration and thinking that it is enough to serve the purpose of identity establishment. This approach will simply ruin your corporate image. A perfect logo design must have all the features including font size, font style, images and colors aligned to your business vision and target audience. It should be able to convey a comprehensive message across the industry about your corporate fundamentals.

Logo design must be so eye catching and easy to understand that just a glimpse over it grabs the interest of the viewer. The more it relates to your products and your customers, the more it will make your organization look professional. Logo design based on your business vision and principles will add uniqueness to it and will help you to obtain a distinctive recognition in the market. The better your target customers are able to relate to your logo design, the easily they will memorize it and the more they will be convinced to use your products or services.