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Tips on The Essentials of a Business Card

  It’s best to start with a little research so you know what to put on the business card. Choose the right contact information You need start with finalizing the card’s message first. Starting with contact information. Choosing the right information can be a real challenge because people connect in so many ways. The secret is to learn how your target audience likes to communicate and connect on their level. Name and Title It’s sad to think that some people actually use business cards with no name anywhere. No-name cards are pretty much useless because prospects want to connect with [...]

Google Loves Mobile Websites

Google's latest announcement is that they are giving MORE preference to mobile friendly websites. Google loves mobile and they want to ensure that all Google Searchers are getting the best possible experience on any device. A webpage is eligible for the "mobile-friendly" label if it meets the following criteria, as detected in real time by Googlebot: Avoids software that is not common on mobile devices, like Flash Uses text that is readable without zooming Sizes content to the screen so users don't have to scroll horizontally or zoom Places links for enough apart so that the correct one can be easily [...]

Reasons To Have a Responsive Web Design

  Mobile usage is on the rise Currently, more than 58% of adults own a smartphone and almost 60% of all website traffic is from mobile devices. In fact, there are currently more mobile devices on earth then their are people. And every month mobile usage continues to grow, so every month more and more prospects and customers will view your website from a mobile device. If their experience viewing and interacting with your site is poor, they'll likely have a lower option of your brand, and they'll also be more likely to visit a competitor's site. Responsive sites improve [...]

Why Good Design Saves You Money

First Impressions Count A business that gives little consideration to design can indicate a lack of attention to detail. Thoughtless design can give the impression of a business that does not care about customer service. A poorly designed website can also look like they don’t have faith in their own products or services. Designing For The User The sweet spot with design is finding the balance between functionality and accessibility. If your website is designed with the user clearly in mind, it will be looked at more favourably. Considered and clever design can make you distinct from the competition and [...]

Brett Design’s Website Development Process

Web Site Design and Development Process There are numerous steps in the web site design and development process. From gathering initial information, to the creation of your web site, and finally to maintenance to keep your web site up to date and current. Phase 1: Information Gathering The first step in designing a successful web site is to gather information. Many things need to be taken into consideration when we design the look and feel of your site, so we first ask a lot of questions to help us understand your business and your needs in a web site. Certain [...]

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