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Reasons to Rebrand Your Business

  Competitive advantage Your brand is the public face of your business. As the economy changes your brand must change with it. A well planned  rebrand will allow your company to display the current market dynamics and therefore gain competitive advantage, increase revenue and become a strong voice of the industry. Get ahead of the competition and increase your market share through an updated image. By revisiting your brand messaging, you can gain consumer confidence . Stimulate growth In markets where complex and confusing mixes of product portfolios frequently undermine brand impact via advertising clutter and media proliferation, a rebrand [...]

Colors and Business Branding

  Choosing the right color for your business branding is crucial. This color will appear on all your promotional materials, including your logo and product packaging. As much as possible, the color you choose should make you stand out, work for your company's image, and communicate your brand promise. It should also factor in color psychology. Colors can mean different things such as: Blue: is perceived as trustworthy, dependable, responsible and secure. Strongly associated with the sky and sea, blue is serene and universally well-liked. Blue is an especially popular color with financial institutions, as its message of stability inspires [...]

Brett Design Launches the New Sidecar Cycles Website

We're exited to share with you the launch of the New Sidecar Cycles site. We've developed an entirely new look complete with new website design and new logo. For the design we wanted to capture the retro look of the 1930's combined with vintage grunge. The new site has everything from testimonials, forms for customers to fill out, a suppliers page, virtual showroom where people can view new motorcycle projects and blog page. You can even browse products online and place orders by phone. The purpose of the site is to not only promote Sidecar Cycles but to showcase their [...]

Promotional Advertising Tips For Your Business

Wanting to know how to make a name for yourself out there? Here are some promotional advertising tricks to give you a hand along with your business promotion. Every business empire has earned its name, fame and funds through effort and by catering to customer's demand with quality and quantity. However, every small organization should make its name in the market by, first, catching the buyer's eye. Promotional advertising is a tool employed to give the customer the notion of purchasing the product. Promotional advertising ideas, are employed to instigate an individual in regards to the product, arouse interest regarding [...]

Stand Out With Unique Ideas for Your Business Cards

  Color business cards today are getting bolder and better. Today, many innovative and creative business persons print business cards with flair and originality. If you want your own personal cards to shine, you might be interested to know of a few things you never knew you could do. We have listed down below a few powerful elements that some professionals use today. An advertising message – If you were selling a product or a service, a good addition to the design would be placing an advertising message. Some people do not expect this, and it can be an effective [...]

Tips for Effectively Using Free Promotional Products

Promoting a brand or your company’s product does not always have to be an expensive move. With the help of low cost promotional items, your company and brand can still stand out without a need to shell out more money as you would spend in case of TV or radio ads. However, with the availability of so many promotional products in the market today, selecting the right item to gift to your customers can be a difficult task. Consider these tips if you are planning to give away free gifts to increase your brand’s visibility. Determine your target market The [...]

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